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We built a career (an outdoor centre) that paid well and that we enjoyed. 

However, we decided the hours and the location were not suitable for raising a family. 

2 weeks before our first baby was born we relocated, brought a property and got some suitable 9-5 work for a family. 

Unfortunately, an unexpected redundancy rocked our world. 

After that we worked a number of different jobs, always fearing we'd have the rug pulled from under us again.

We realised that no job provided the time, freedom, money to spend time as a family.

None of them excited us enough to be committing our whole lives to them.

This wasn't the future we had promised each other or our children. 

If we didn't make a change now, then when?


  • We could build a business around us.
  • Our business didn't rely on our local economy.
  • We could work from virtually anywhere.
  • We could work to our own schedule. 
  • We didn't have to invest in buildings, equipment stock.
  • We could start building it around a full time job.



Probably the same as everyone else, not knowing (or assumptions) about:

  • Having the right skills?

  • Scams and pyramid schemes?

  • How do you get people to visit a website?

  • What do we sell and how do we sell it?

The Four videos we watched that helped us address these questions are:

  • Three online On-Demand Workshops walking you through the steps to creating a profitable online business from scratch.                                                          
  • We found this really useful to get an idea of the actual day to day work that goes into building an online business.
  • Actual step by step demonstration of what people do to make money online.                                                                  
  • What's involved in selling other people’s products or developing and selling your own.
  • Guide to finding in-demand products to sell in virtually any niche that interests you.                                                  
  • When you could literally sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world, it's overwhelming. Having a guide to find your starting point is invaluable. Knowing you can build a business around what you are passionate about and only serve people who share that passion is exhilarating.  
  • The EXACT steps you need to take in order to make your first 10 sales online. 

The videos were a lifeline for us when we couldn't see a way out our 9-5 trap, trading our family time for money.


The truth is like any business, getting started is hard.
You are not going to make money overnight.
However you can start building in your spare time.
Some people build business almost for free by creating content that
people want and using that to promote their own or other peoples products.
There a hundreds of ways of doing that that suit you personality and your passions.
The next four videos will help shed some light on what might be suitable for you.

It's Your Future

Discover a unique approach that you can start using today to identify the biggest money making opportunities that exist around your personal interests... AND HOW TO THEN TURN THEM INTO ENDLESS STREAMS OF INCOME!