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A few things we learnt we needed the hard way..

Items  that make our adventures great and small a little more enjoyable.

Stuff we use to make money on the move


Bits and bobs for capturing memories and making content

ALMO homebrew

Some of our own gear for anyone who wants to get A Little More Outdoor.

Lightweight organic jumper for early morning adventures and evenings outdoors. Simple gear to stuff in your bag and keep exploring.

Simple designs for simple days. The ALMO sun and sea hoodie is for the days where comfort is key

Boosters and seatbelt holders are great for over 4’s. However, if your doing a lot of driving or you have a littler person, this one looks and feels more like a proper car seat but packs down to an easy carry size. It’s worth noting even Ryanair let you take car seats on planes for free.


A simple way to say you love to get A little more outdoor.

family travel essentials

Less is more, here are some essentials that make family travel easier, efficient and effective.

When you’re travelling with kids, you need lots of stuff; snacks change of clothes, sun screen, water, that rock that apparently we can not just leave on the floor. Having something that you can put down in wet, sand, mud and not worry.  Something you can grab and take out in all weathers, also something that if sun screen or shopping or what you thought was a rock explodes having something water proof that you can rinse out and carry on is going to save you a lot of trouble

We lugged two full size massive car seats around. There are a range of car seats that will fit in a day bag. Essential if you need to call an emergency taxi. However, only suitable for ages 4 and up. 

Boosters and seatbelt holders are great for over 4’s. However, if your doing a lot of driving or you have a littler person, this one looks and feels more like a proper car seat but packs down to an easy carry size. It’s worth noting even Ryanair let you take car seats on planes for free.

This will save you a fortune in sunscreen. plus its really quick drying if your doing wet activities.

outdoor gear

Getting outdoors shouldn't require a lot of gear but here are some of our favourite bits to have on any adventure. Read the full blog here.

Bare essentials:

Our first ever physical product.

We used to have a nightmare with two young ones trying to sit them down without them getting damp, filthy or filling our lunch with sand.

When we were parenting solo having a fiddly straps and complicated folding was a no no.

Even if you manage to find a  clear spot, children (and sometimes Keri) still manage to smear jam or feces in to  your picnic blanket.  

We looked at recycled, locally sourced ethical materials.

In the long run, a product that could take a beating, be stuffed in a bag then a washing machine 1000’s of times and was affordable to families like us made a lot more sense than a £100 pound luxury that would probably end up in a landfill.

We worked with manufacturers to create a no nonsense picnic blanket that wasn’t just for life but for proper outdoor family life.

Days out are better with something warm. Coffee, soup or hot chocolate. Having a flask tucked away gives you more incentive to hit the hills.

Not made from real seals. Waterproof and warm, they turn any pair of shoes into waterproofs. I much prefer to wear running shoes when up the mountains. A pair of these make even the boggiest of trails a comfortable adventure. 

You can dry em off far quicker than a pair of boots. 

Don’t put them in the tumble though.

Much cheaper than most compression gear. Much more practical than wool or cotton thermals.

I love these guys. A set of these under a pair of running shorts (there’s a bit of a vacuum pack situation otherwise) and you can take on almost anything. 

Go running in the rain without a cumbersome waterproof. 

We’ve ran through streams, swam in the sea on new years Eve in these and even wore them up the Himalayas. They wick moisture away almost instantly and dry so quickly. 

I find wetsuits an absolute ball ache, these roll up to nothing in a bag. So, if you fancy a dip you can do so in comfort (if not style). So, rather than having to lugging round a wetsuit (not to mention washing and hanging it over a bath for a week) you can pop these in the wash and stuff them in a draw.

Wear them on cold walks as a baselayer.

Ideal PJ’s if your camping in the cold.

Pop em on after a leg aching adventure to get the compression benefit.

They take a beating too.

probably the best £20 you’ll ever spend

On the days where you don’t want to walk for miles finding a remote location to hang a hammock is our favourite way to be out in nature.

When it’s wet you can have the whole gang in there with no wet bums

I’m not a fan of walking shoes. They’re expensive, hard to put on and take off, they take ages to dry and actually make it harder keep your footing.

We started wearing these for mud trail races, but they became our favourite wet weather shoes for walking too. They give me the confidence to walk or run down the steepest muddiest terrain there is. Wear them with a pair of seal skins and you’ll be toastier than toast and faster than most.

I’m writing this whilst wearing the same pair of Montane trousers that I’ve had for 10 years. They are comfortable for walking, breathable in hot weather and quick drying when it’s wet. I often get asked where I got them from as they look smart for such a practical pair of trousers.

Ok, hear me out. You’re not going to win any fashion competitions I know. For $20 quid these are really bloody useful. Especially in wet english summers and they pack down to barely anything. they also double as a tent or ground sheet. very cool when paired with the hammock to create a waterproof place to sit or even sleep.

This is a waterproof we always provided for staff at our outdoor centre. Rab make great waterproofs. If you get muddy when you are out and about they are easily cleaned, keep there waterproofing longer than other coats and can be worn 1000s times before you need a new one.

I’ve worn this coat in the heaviest of Welsh rain for a full day of outdoor sessions and stayed dry.

Unlike most waterproofs it has stretchy material in, which makes it extra comfortable for moving around in. Check out the full description about the material it’s basically magic.

Pro:tip Get a few sizes to big: wear more layers underneath, keep bums and hands dry. Shelter small children who refuse to wear their own.

Also XXXL tend to be on sale a lot more.

Jack of all trades, master of none. If you’re looking not break the bank; This is a Nick’s lightweight waterproof. It’s breathable, packable and most importantly keeps the water out. It’s pertex which feels slightly rubbery rather than gortex. 

Nick uses this mostly as an emergency waterproof as it fits so well into a bag and stands the test against heavy downpours, but eventually it gets a little damp if your rained on for longer than an hour.  Day to day he’ll be wearing his Rab jacket. 

Online Business

Recommendations for creating freedom with locationless business

There’s a few bits and bobs required for an online business. We’ll talk you through them, but this is everything under one roof.

Everything from website hosting and building, to step by step on demand and live training on how to set things up in the way that’s right for you.

This has everything so you can build and learn at your own pace. Fully tech supported there’s real people who check to make sure everything is working or tell you why it isn’t. 

This is what we used  to get started and getting started is the hardest part.

We use some free workshops from these guys to explain online business in our  email series as well. 

These guys offer personal coaching and mentoring and done for you services as an extra. So, if you are worried about your technical ability or half baked plan you can accelerate your business to a point where it’s making money very quickly.

The All-in is about £70 a month and you can stop once you don’t need the training and resources any more and keep your website.

There’s a 30 day money back guarantee which is nice if your not  sure this is for you.

The proper “done for you” with coaching and consultation is a few thousand as you can imagine. Good if you want a business up and making money as soon as possible or you need to take a current business to the next level.

If you’re just starting I would say just try to the £70 a month and get an understanding in what’s involved.


There’s a webpage builder included with All-In Package. I’ve not used it as I built with this. 

This is Elementor. 

I really like it as I quite like doing things my own way.

A website builder means you can drag and drop bits where you want them and make them the right size.

This Is a free Plugin for wordpress. If you’ve already got a wordpress site and are frustrated that you can’t make things look exactly the way you want, you’ll love this.

There a $50 Pro version if you want some really in depth features.

This is only really  necessary if your doing serious marketing.

It makes pages that load really fast to make it more likely people join mailing lists etc.

Photography and Videography

For business and pleasure, we love to capture our adventures.

We love our Joby. You can attach it to anything. We often use a tree to get exactly the angle we want. Ours was originally bought for our camera, but we found we used the phone adapter more.

They are incredibly flexible and hardy. It’s the one bit of kit we actually let the toddlers play with.


We love this piece of kit so much we call him Ossy. The gimbal allows you to record whilst walking. Ossy gets rid of any jolty movement by adjusting itself. It instantly makes video on the go look professional.

Nick was instantly able to use Ossy, but it took me a bit longer to work out how to connect it to my phone and use the controls. Once I’d master it though I was so pleased with the video quality.



We made a mistake when we first bought a microphone. We bought cheap 3 times before coming across this dreamy sounding mic. Don’t make the same mistake as us. On the generic mics the sound was muffled, wires got caught etc.

You can simply plug this into your phone. Even on super windy days by the sea you can still get clear sound. Add a windjammer if you plan on doing outdoor recording and want the best quality sound.

It was a mistake on our part to underestimate the importance of sound quality. 

Here’s a good non iphone alternative.

“Sound is 80% of the shot”

There’s nothing worse than getting an amazing shot or take for it to be unusable because of wind.
If you’ve ever listened to clip with bad audio or tried to have a conversation with someone who is in the wind it’s awful. Get this to your Shure mic if you plan on doing any recoring outside.

I refused smart phones for a long time. I would always be the one who would buy a local map. However, there’s no denying they are essential of you are going to be traveling and running a business on the move. Most phone camera’s are good enough to replace a  video camera’s and a lot more convenient. iPhones do well but some of the more obscure Chinese phones like Huawei and Xiaomi have surprisingly good audio visual capabilities for their price bracket. They have the added benefit of being compatible with more audio devices.

All the functionality of a DSLR but smaller and better.

Here are the most important features you need on a camera:

  • Mic input
  • Long battery life.
  • Massive memory (SD card)
  • Mic input
  • Mic input.
  • Interchangeable lenses.

Digital camera’s are amazing. The shot’s are beautiful. most camera phones Mimic the zoom and depth of field by digitally editing the shot. learning photography is fun and great skill to have.


Great photo’s and videos are essential for a modern business. Most digital cameras can do better filming than holywood cameras 4 years ago.  BUT…..They have crap sound. make sure you buy one with a mic input.

This EOS M50 would be my recommendation. 

This Rode is good mic to pair with it.



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