Full time adventure with a family

Can you travel with a family...

Keri and I met while working in the outdoors, both looking for a way to live a life of adventure.

We thought better-paid jobs would give us the time and money to continue that adventure with our family.

It didn’t…

The Aim

We wanted the freedom to show our kids the world first-hand. 

Explore our passions and make great memories along the way.

We also wanted to figure out how we could have a positive impact on the world…

The Objectives

 To do this sustainably so we needed to..

  1. Earn money on the move (inline with our values.)
  2. Give our kids an excellent education!
  3. Make the most of every day and have a bloody good life.

Making it happen for others...

We knew  to earn money we had to provide value to others.

We just had to figure out WHAT that value was and HOW we were going to  provide it.

How we did it

How to travel with family now.
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