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Life is an Adventure…

create freedom…

create memories…

What we do?

We help others

 create memories by getting outdoors with loved ones.


create freedom by building personal online businesses.

We think the world is a better place when people spend their life on things they really love.

Family, friends, adventures and making your world better.

For us it’s as simple as helping everyone get…

who are we?

we are Keri and Nick, 

We met working in the outdoor industry.

We traveled, had adventures and got healthy.

We achieved our dream of sailing and building our own outdoor centre.

The next adventure was to settle down, get “real jobs” and have a family.

Despite being grateful for all we have, 9-5 life does not suit us.

We felt sad that our weeks as a family were slipping through our fingers.

We felt like we were working just to survive each month.

Our children were growing up so fast. We weren’t making the memories we promised we would.

We knew that the business and the economy was changing

We wanted to see how we could apply it to the outdoors  …

 A little more outdoor

Keri Ilston


Keri is an optimist that believes life should be a fun adventure. 

Keri’s Vision

That families make their lives together count.

Keri’s Purpose

To inspire and help families make the most of their time.



Nick Ilston


Nick is a dreamer, always looking for ways to make life better. 

Nick’s Vision

People do what’s important to them,
with who’s important to them

Nick’s Purpose

To help people create their own freedom and purpose.


want to know more?

A Little More About Us

What do you want to create?

Create Memories

We love to get outdoors. 

For us that’s where we can make the most of life. 

We share ideas, inspiration and information on getting out with the people you love.

Start making memories




Baby at laptop

Creating Freedom

We would never have thought an “online” business would be right for us. 

But then we didn’t really know what “online business” ment.

We share everything we’ve learned about this brave new world.

We think creating a business as unique as you are, is key to being. free.

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What does freedom look like to you?

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