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After years trying to find work that would allow us to spend time outdoors, We want to show you how we're building a business online to...


Here's some lessons from 2020...

Most people could work from anywhere.

a lot of business realised an office wasn’t necessary.

Businesses quickly learnt how to provide value to customers without needing a physical location.

There are no safe secure jobs


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Did you know? Online business requires barely any overheads and can be worked on anytime anywhere? You're not limited by the size or location of a shop or building.

Did you know? Using building materials from forests that are actively being renewed helps protect our world for generations to come.

"Hiring the right builder was one of the most crucial decisions I have ever made. I'm so glad I knew what questions to ask! I was so much more prepared to make my final decision."
Kyle Van Deusen

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