Create Memories

Activities and inspiration to get a little more outdoor.

We believe life is about making memories.
Don't wait till you have freedom
start making making memories today.

5 steps, you can take today, to start creating memories

make time

Set aside 15 minutes today to engage and connect. No technology, no toys, no distractions. You will be surprised at what happens.

try something different

You won’t remember doing the same thing over and over. Get out your comfort zone and try something new.

Pick a free activity. Something new. Something simple. 

For ideas see our blog

recall and recreate

Think about your childhood. What positive memories can you recall? What made these moments stand out? How can you recreate these with your children?

get outdoors.

 The outdoors removes daily distractions that take your energy and time away from your family. It’s easier to recall memories from the outdoors as our senses are heightened.

capture the moments.

 It’s both a blessing and a curse that we always have the technology to capture moments. This shouldn’t distract you from being present, but equally, you want to get the right shot so you can share and hold onto the memory. Here’s a quick guide on how to capture moments.


Here you can find activities and articles on getting outdoors with your family.
check out our blog page for more.


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