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Four Steps To Create Freedom Online

Like any business, Online business is all about attracting and helping people achieve an outcome. 

For us, that is helping people who want to get outdoors and have adventures with loved ones. 

What would it be for you…

Four steps to freedom.

1. Have a point to your business.

Rather than building your business round a product, a business model or a niche. 

Build it around an outcome that you will help others work towards.

Something you are genuinely working towards yourself. 

Some examples we’ve seen so far:

  • Improving health and well being.
  • Sustainable living
  • Mastering a sport or craft
  • Traveling
  • Helping a just cause
  • Digitizing specific businesses and industries.

If you’re living it, you can connect with people authenticity. 

The audience you attract will appreciate and value the products and services you have to offer. 

What do you really want  to work towards?


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2.Trust that you have value to offer

The reason most people fail or don’t even start a business is because they don’t think they have value to give. There’s no magic business model. you have to put yourself out there and give people something of value.

There is Value in who you are as an individual. BE YOU

Whether you’re:

  • caring or pragmatic,
  • creative or organised,
  • right brained or left brained.

Trust that your business will evolve around you and attract the people who will benefit from your value. 

Your biggest weakness could be your best asset.

Focus on creating content that helps people.

Content you enjoy making, even if it’s scary.

If this is your intention, the money will follow

3. Don't be afraid to generate money?

Once you’ve got a platform that is creating value, you need to monetise it.

If you’ve built an audience honestly then there are loads of ways to generate income online. 

They don’t need to involve trading your time for money.

Here are a few business models (and how to make them work):

  • Advertising revenue (get lots of views and let other business place ads in your content)
  • Affiliate marketing (recommend other people’s products to people that want them)
  • Ecommerce/FBA (source physical product, at the right price that are useful for your audience)
  • Paid courses and paid subscriptions (Make your content so valuable that people are willing to pay for it)

There are loads of ways, find out which ones you enjoy. The great thing is, if your business is about achieving a specific outcome you can use all these business models to generate multiple streams of income. 

As long as your intention is always to help your audience towards their outcome these business models will generate you income.

Learn more business models in our free video series.


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Outdoor Gear

4.Get strategic

There’s always a reason not to do something.

“I don’t have the time/money”

“I don’t have a clear enough idea”

If you don’t make a change today then chances are you never will.

Take this one step at a time.

Learn what’s possible and see what you can do with the time and money you have at the moment.

Plenty of online businesses start from a 5 minute video on youtube once a week. could you do that?

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Why we started an
"online" business?

When we left our career in the outdoors  to start our family, the last thing we thought we’d do is start an “online” business. 

It seemed unlikely for two people who just wanted to spend more time outdoors. 

However, after suffering redundancy after redundancy;

We had to find an alternative.

We needed a way to create security. 

We wanted a chance to do the things we wanted to do….


What does freedom mean to us?


Spending our time on what's important.


…The reality: We were trying to survive the week in order make the most of the few exhausted hours we had.

It meant the weeks where flying by and years were going to fast.

If we didn’t do something about it our lives where going to be over before they really began.

We wanted to be able to work as much or as little as we wanted. 

We wanted to create money around our lives not. our lives around money.


Not worrying about money

We didn’t want to be saving for a future when we wanted to live right now.

We were fed up of someone else being able to tell us how much our time was worth. To have someone else decide if we could pay our mortgage next month.

Multiple redundancies, little bits of debt accumulating ment we  were getting to a point where financially we couldn’t get out.

Having our backs against the. wall was the biggest catalyst for finding an alternative.

We never wanted to rich but we never wanted money to be something that preoccupied us or was a worry. We want to be able to say yes to every opportunity to make memories.


Working wherever whenever

…But if I’m honest, I didn’t like the idea of piling the family into a plane to go to a resort.

We didn’t want to try and fit a years worth of fun and relaxation into a week, next to a crowded pool. 

We wanted the freedom to pick up whenever we fancied and visit somewhere new. to drop in on friends and family whenever we wanted without being a burden.

The idea of sitting in traffic every morning and evening to sit in cubicle to and use the same internet that is all over the world seemed more and more insane.

There’s a whole world out there to explore. We want to do it in our way in our own time.



Proud of our life

 …if you achieved it by cheating and lying would you really be happy?

How sustainable would that be?

How likely are you to get up tomorrow and work towards that?

I’d worked well paid jobs that didn’t make me happy.

I want my work to be an integral part of my day, something I love doing. 

We want to be of service to people.

We want to feel like I’m making a difference.

We also want to be able to be in the best physical and mental shape we can be in.

To be the best parents, partners and friends we could be.

to be the best people we could be.


"Why don't you just get a better job?"

We tried; new companies, new industries, new careers, franchise opportunities. We even tried starting a traditional business again.

It’s not that they were all terrible. But everything required us to sacrifice so much time that we were missing the important things in life. 

Either that or they required money we would never have.

Years were slipping past, Our children were growing up so quickly. We were losing touch with friends and family, losing our health, loosing time to make memories.

We jumped from one opportunity to the next, hoping a solution would present itself.

We never stopped to ask ourselves simple questions like…

  • ”What do we want the rest of our life to look like”
  • ‘Who do we want to be?”
  • “What action should we be taking now to get where we want?” 
  • “How much work a we willing to put in?”

We were unlikely to answer these questions, working for someone else. 
We needed to build something for ourselves.

Doing it online just meant we could start. No more excuses…

Is online right for you?

The simple answer is, only you know.

The Economy has changed.

 Many of the jobs and business we may have relied on are gone or going because, 

directly or indirectly, the economy has moved online.

People have stopped using shops and face to face services. 

Everything can be done cheaper and more efficiently online.

We are questioning the need for commuting, offices and other old industrial infrastructure. 

How long is your industry going to last?

It’s not really a question of: 

“Should you work online or offline?”

It’s more a question of:

“How are you going to to live the life you want?”

Are you going to achieve it on your current trajectory?


A last word about online business?

Building an online business has many advantages:

  • You can build a business that is unique and personal to you. (The more authentic, the more likely to succeed.)
  • You can do something that makes a difference.
  • There are very few overheads.
  • You can work where you like.
  • Once set up it requires very little daily work (you don’t have to stand in shop or office waiting to sell something or go to pointless meetings) 
  • You can explore all kinds of avenues and create multiple businesses.
  • If you can make £100 you can make £100,000; scaling up an business online is far easier and less riskier than offline.
  • You don’t have to quit you job to start.

But it's still a business:

  • It’s going to require some investment; of time, money or both.
  • You’re going to have to learn some new skills. Online businesses make use of your attributes. but you need to know how to channel them.
  • You’ll make some mistakes. Very few people get it right and profitable straight away.
  • A lot of online businesses fail. Usually people jump from one idea to another with no real idea of what they’re trying to achieve

Still want to get started?

It takes guts and determination to get an online business working.

However if you make it work you can create a life you probably didn’t think was possible. 

We don’t have all the answers and we’re still learning ourselves. 

What we can offer is valuable insight into mistakes we made and lessons we’ve learnt and the resources to get started.

Because that’s the hardest part: starting.

What does freedom look like to you?

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