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We’re not finding “The Way”. We’re finding “our way”.


We hope our stories and experience help you to find “your way”.


We’re all about getting a little more outdoor.

Whether your making the most of the weekend or setting off for  a lifetime of adventure.

Get yourself a little more outdoor in the way that’s right for you here.


Why is my volcano not working?

We built a mud volcano after playing dinosaurs got out of hand.
A slight fault in our chemical formula led to some interesting experiments and funday in lockdown.

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outdoor couple
Nick Ilston

10 Outdoor Gifts

  Buying gifts for outdoor types is hard. They often have very specific tastes. Keri and I discussed the following list. By combining thoughtful and

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kids in mud kitchen

Mum Builds a Mud Kitchen

Build a mud kitchen, cheap and cheerful We have recently joined a forest school. There’s always a range of activities but our kids love the

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family beach

Wild Swimming

A Little More Me Time Today I managed to squeeze in some much needed me time. We all need time to ourselves and yet few

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We’re building our own business. 

We want to create the freedom to get a little more outdoor.

We’re not experts.

We share what we’ve learnt about creating the life we want. 

We inspire others to explore their potential.

To decide for themselves how they want to live every day. 

If we can anyone can.


Everything else

Just like us, it doesn’t quite fit anywhere in particular but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value.

From rant’s, personal stories, or things we think are just worth sharing. 

Come have nosey.

yacht masters
A Little More Outdoor

Are bucket lists stupid?

Bucket lists are one of those things that are easy to give up on as you realise that life isn’t going to be quite what you expected.
So is it good to have a bucket list or some big hairy audacious life goals or should you be realistic to avoid disappointment. here’s my experience.

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Everything else

Are you valuable?

One of the hardest parts of starting an online business or changing your life is believing you have something valuable to offer.

What that value actually is might surprise you.

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