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Keri and I made the mistake of jumping from one opportunity to the next hoping for a quick fix.
So no matter what direction you are going to take in the next chapter of your life, always ask yourself these four questions:

What is my….


Do you know where your life is going?

So many people let life pass them by without ever deciding what they want it to be.

I guess they just hope something will happen.

We almost gave up on our dreams?
We’ve already wasted so much time.
we don’t want to waste any more.

Did you spend today exactly how you wanted?


What is the greatest value you have as an individual?

If you’re going to live your best life you’ve probably got to earn some money.

You’ve got to do that in a way that’s right for you.

It should probably also be part of your best life.

You make money by providing value to someone else.

If you don’t decide how you do that someone else will.


How do you get your Purpose to pay the bills?

Business has changed.
A walk down a high street or a flick through the jobs ads will show you that.

What business model is going to maximise the gifts, experience and purpose you have?

We’ll share training and interviews that will show you how you might build a business around your life,
not the other way around.


Have you said to yourself:
“I don’t have time/money/skills to change my life.”?

That’s OK, that’s what everybody says.

That’s also why 85% of people say they hate their job.

What can you do today that will get you that time, money or skills.

More importantly have you actually figured out how much you really need?

Stop making excuses.

Are you ready to make a change?

We don’t know it all because we’re still learning.
But we’ll keep you up to date with everything we find useful.

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