How to make money whilst travelling

It would be great to wander off into the wild and live off the land. In reality, We need money to travel safely and do fun stuff. Here's how we do it...

What do you want from your travels?


For us we want to feel safe and feel like we made the most of our years together.

It would be great to wander off into the wild and live off the land. In reality, we need money to travel safely and do fun stuff…


Here are our 3 main sources of income whilst we travel:

  1. Freelance work
  2. Airbnb of our house.
  3. Online business (a little more outdoor)

These are the three ways we make money whilst we travel.

You don’t need much, it’s often cheaper to live abroad than in the UK. However, knowing you have the freedom to live how you choose and say yes to opportunities when they arise means more chances to make the most of life and live to your values.

Here’s how we fund that life.


1. Freelance work.


After being made redundant 3 times, I started finding work that didn’t require me to be in a set place at a set time and let me work on other things.

There are lots of jobs you can do that pay you for results.

No more hanging around the office trying to look busy. Get paid for getting the work you enjoy done and get on with your life.

I do consultancy, I have around 3×1 hour calls a day. I try to do these early mornings and in the evening so my day is free for the family.

We’ll be giving you insight into our own work and interviewing others who do it in interesting ways throughout these emails.

For now, think about the kind of work you could do from anywhere. Have a look for “remote work”


2. Airbnb


What do you do if you have a mortgage? Or even if you don’t want to give up your rental property?

Maintaining a mortgage/rent and bills and funding travelling would require a huge amount of freelance work! We didn’t want to sell our house, even renting seemed risky.

What if we hated travelling? 

What if there are unexpected costs?

What if the world got turned upside down again? 

So we Airbnb our house. You can do this with rent or mortgage property without worrying about subletting. There are very few hoops to jump through. We lock all of the sentimental stuff that we couldn’t sell and wouldn’t throw away. We can keep most of our furniture out in the house. We can open up the Calendar for people to stay when we’re away and close it off if we need or want to come back. 

Our house isn’t anything special, but for a family wanting to come down to Devon for the summer, it’s a damn sight cheaper and a lot more practical than a hotel or even camping. Airbnb pay us a nightly rate that more than covers the mortgage and bills if we get bookings most of the month. We also receive a service fee for every stay that we give directly to friends in our village to deep clean. We’ve also used profits to invest in fixing all those little jobs that we’d learnt to live with.

We did a test run before we travelled and spent a week with family and used the money to pay for a new kitchen, something we’ve put off investing in for ourselves for years. We cleared out loads of clutter we no longer needed.

On the whole, our house is in a much better state than had we stayed.

If you want to learn more about Airbnbing your house click here


3. Online business.

As great as freelancing and Airbnb is there is a limit to how much we earn. If I do too much freelance work, it defies the point of travelling and spending time as a family. earns us money for doing the things we want to do. As we travel and explore we learn. We share what we learn and recommend what’s worked for us. Enabling others who want something similar.

We make money by recommending stuff.

Airbnb and other travel businesses pay us for recommending places we stay or recommending new hosts. We recommend useful gear in our online shop and in blogs. We have developed some of our own products. Bags and shoes and bits that we felt could be better adapted for our audience.

None of it requires us to be experts. It’s more about understanding people who are like us, people like you. Knowing on a personal level WHY doing something like this matters. Knowing what it feels like to feel trapped and not knowing how to move forward.

If you start pursuing what matters to you. You’ll figure out what’s stopping you. You discover how you’re going to overcome it, You’re creating something of value. You just need a platform to share it.

How you help, develops over time. You help others who want something similar any way you can.

At some point, we want to buy a piece of land, and build a permaculture small holding.
We might create a course or do some consulting with that. We also want to look at creating resources for people who want to learn on the move. Like an online school.

More on that later, for now, we just want to live.

Knowing how to do this is vital for anyone serious about travelling with a family.

Not just knowing different ways of making money but figuring out what difference you want to make in people’s lives. We want our children to approach life this way so we’re going to lead by example.

Throughout these emails, we’ll tell you more about the different ways we’re growing our business and what it takes to operate it on a daily basis.

In the meantime, Have you started this 7-part course “secrets of the modern wealthy”?

There’s a reason we’ve been recommending it so much, not just because we get paid for it but because unless you do something different to what you’re doing now you’re never going to have the adventures. 

If you’re here it’s because you’re like us and want something more than the 9-5 for you and your loved ones. 

Do something about it.

We don’t really want to spend our time teaching you the nuts and bolts, but we’ll help you find the support you need to make your business work. Everything from DIY tools and training, group or 1-1 coaching and even working with marketing companies to get something up and running and generating an income as soon as possible. 

Launch You is the company we recommend to pretty much everyone to start with.

Click this link and watch the short introduction and get a solid understanding of the different ways they can help.

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