How We Began To Travel Full Time As A Family

We wanted to travel full time as a family. This had been our plan since before covid. It felt as if our plans kept getting pushed back, whilst life was passing. Then we finally made the decision to go. We'll share the barriers we faced and how we were able to actually live our dream.

The Things That Were Holding Us Back

  • Not enough money
  • Saying goodbye to loved ones
  • Deregistering from school
  • What to do with our house and belongings
  • Covid/Brexit complications
  • The unknown

Removing Barriers

Somehow, actually making a decision suddenly made everything feel a bit easier. If you know for certain you can achieve something then the only question is; what to do to remove the barriers?

I’m not saying it was easy, just that it was possible. 

The day we said yes to ourselves, we booked flights. We found the cheapest one-way ticket and went for it. This snowballed as we began to book accommodation, insurance, order passports and so on.

What about our house and belongings?

We decided to Airbnb our house. This saved us the financial burden, whilst away, but means we can return when we want to.

In this video, we share our feelings before leaving and a bit more detail about removing the barriers we faced. 

What about making money?

We currently have a few income streams. All of these only require our laptops and a good internet connection.

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