River Dart Country Park

River Dart Country Park is still one of our most talked about trips this summer.

What To Expect

At the country park, you can book loads of outdoor activities. We didn’t book any activities because our children were too young. We still filled a day with unbooked activities. We explored the adventure playgrounds, explored by the river and woods, had a delicious lunch in the cafe, and played in the river on a pirate ship.

We Had To Go Back

Our eldest child loved his day so much his one summer holiday request was that we went back and camped. Sometimes when you redo something it doesn’t have the same feeling as the first time, but our camping trip was amazing.

You have to book early because places go fast especially for camping. We got lucky and booked a quiet midweek break. The facilities were ok. Having access to the country park was a big highlight for our visit. Often when we go camping we visit the local area, but we found plenty to do on-site without having to leave.

Here’s a Look at our day visit

For more information check out River Dart Country Park

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