Life Is Short

As the sunrises over the hills Nick had an opportunity to think about what he wants from life.

Wildlife On The Run

Keri was feeling unwell so Nick went out for a run with the camera. It is no surprise that he was treated to a deer running across the field. He is always lucky enough to see wildlife. He says it’s because he runs at dusk and dawn. I think it’s because he’s quieter than me.

Clear The Mind

Running allows our minds to free up. I know when it’s been a while between runs because my mind whizzes at 100mph. Covering so many thoughts. After a run my mind is clear.

Nick shares his thoughts about running, business and how he is determined to make the most of life.

Take A Look Into Nick’s Running Mind

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Let’s talk about Debt baby

Debt is horrible. It’s probably stopping you and people you care about doing what makes you happy. It’s not something people like to admit or talk about but let’s create a safe space…

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Ten family travel essentials

Here are 10 things we learnt, the hard way, are essential when traveling with kids.
Click on the pictures to go right to the best offers we found online.

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Can you take your kids out of school to travel?

Can you take your kids out of school to travel?
Should you?
Do they want to?
What should you do instead?

If you had the money to make travel a reality
what would you do about education?

There are no right or wrong answers,

Here are 5 points to think about.

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