Night Run In The Dark Dark Wood

Does night running freak you out? Do you enjoy a rainy run? Here's a special that includes both a night and wet weather run, set in the woods.

Wild Thoughts In The Dark

Nothing like a run in the pitch-black woods to get the mind racing. Naturally, the body copes by triggering a stress response to flee and off we run.

Fortunately tonight I had company from my husband, Nick. Although, I’m not sure if his presence made the scene less or more terrifying. At least we had a good laugh in the pouring rain as well as getting a training session in.

Running Gear for Wet Weather and Night Running

In the vlog, we share some of our favourite running kit for wet weather or you can take a look in our shop at some of the gear we recommend. Most of the running kit we’ve been using for years ourselves and has served us on multi-day runs.

Keri’s Running Vlog Week 4

Top Tips For Rainy Night Runs

  • Wear the right gear.
  • Head Torches are essential.
  • Run a route you know. It’s easy to get lost.
  • Run with a buddy or at least let someone know where you are.
  • Drink tea with hazelnut milk (not essential, but delicious).

“No one is crazy enough to sit out in these conditions waiting for you”. Nick

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