Crickley Hill Country Park

Visit Crickley Hill Country park if you are looking for stunning 360 views, easy parking, variety of clearly marked footpaths followed by a good coffee.

Look At The View

From the moment you step out of your car, you are rewarded with incredible views. If walking isn’t your thing, but the scenery is, it’s still worth a visit.

The Cotwolds Way runs through the country park so the paths are well signposted and easy to follow. In places, it’s hilly and rocky so worth thinking about your footwear before you go.

The walk can be quite exposed. We’ve visited a couple of times. Once in the Summer where we followed the footpath into the open and another time in the middle of Winter. Our winter walk was incredibly windy so we took more shelter heading towards the trees. There is plenty to explore in both directions.

Here’s a Sneak Peak of the Views

Things to Know Before You Visit

  • You have to pay for parking.
  • Best to visit when there’s not much wind.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Enjoy a drink or food in the cafe.

Great Place To Fly A Kite

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