Journey Back To Fitness

Do you stick to the same routes when you run? When did you last run somewhere that inspired you?

Does This Beautiful Scenery Inspire You?

This week I ran on the South West Coast Path on my journey back to fitness. I was so busy soaking in the scenery it didn’t even feel like exercise when I started. I was definitely in my happy place.

There was a moment I doubted my fitness, but it was hard not to continue and feel inspired by such beautiful surroundings.

I felt like I’d messed up when I got hungry and felt weak. An emergency snack bar gave me the energy I needed to get back to the car.

Keri’s Running Vlog Week 3

Top Tips

  • Keep your runs interesting by trying a new location.
  • Even better if it’s a location that inspires you.
  • Take emergency snacks.
  • Make your run a memorable experience.
  • Try not to compare yourself.

Running Should Be An Experience!

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