Family Canoe Trip

Have you ever taken your family canoeing? A great way to have fun with the family, relatively low cost and memorable.

First Time In A Canoe

As paddlesport coaches, Nick and I were keen to introduce our children to a canoe.

For beginners and young children, a session in sheltered water is ideal. We found a great spot close to us that hires canoes. It cost us less than a lunch out and we made some great memories. It’s worth having a search to see what’s close to you.

The children were naturals in the boat and smiled throughout. For me, these are the memories I’ve always wanted to make with our children. It’s a great feeling, doing something they enjoy as much as you do.

Wet, Wet, Wet

We got soaked!

Top Tips

  • Always wear a bouncy aid.
  • Be prepared to get wet.
  • Take a spare set of clothes for after.
  • Find sheltered water.
  • Practice paddling by playing games (especially helpful for little people).

“I don’t like getting my hair wet” Emelia.

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