Deer At Sky Park Farm

Looking for a planet-friendly meat or a fun educational family day out? Then it's worth visiting Deer Park Farm.

An Unexpected Find

Sky Park Farm is a new well-loved and thought-out project. A family day out that allows for adventure play, close-up experiences with the deer, a cafe with outdoor cooking facilities, free parking, and a conversation about eating Deer.

As a family, we rarely eat meat, but venison is considered to be sustainable meat. Sky Park Farm does educational visits to answer all your questions. Until your visit Why Wild Venison Is A Sustainable Meat is a good read.

If deer eating isn’t for you there is a lot of land to explore, an opportunity to watch and feed the Deer, and an amazing adventure playground for the children.

We Had Our Hands Full Feeding These Deer

Will You Visit?

My parents had visited and recommended that we should go. My dad loves feeding animals so they are often looking for these sorts of days out. I’m glad they shared their find with us.

Top Tips For A Visit To Sky Park Farm

  • Book tickets in advance.
  • Chat to the lovely friendly staff.
  • Feed the Deer.
  • Eat at the cafe.

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