Back On The Trails

If you want to get your running back on track, you want some inspiration and camaraderie. Join Keri as she get's back on the trails.

If Not Now Then When?

Since having children I hadn’t managed to get myself back out and running regularly. My training had become ad-hoc and weeks would pass by without going for a run. This is not something I would ever imagine happening to me.

Running was such a big part of my life and somehow it had gone.

I’m not even sure what triggered my restart, but one morning I decided enough was enough. If I didn’t get back on the trails now, then when would I?

That brings me to my first run back on the trails. I decided to share my runs to inspire anyone else who is stuck in a running rut or even worse in a not running rut.

Keri’s Running Vlog Week 1

Key Points From The First Run

  • Just give it a go
  • Focus on the good stuff
  • No need to time or record your run
  • See it as an opportunity to appreciate the beauty on your doorstep

Lace Up Your Shoes And Go For A Run!

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