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Wild camping ALMO Style

One thing I love about having our own business...

 …is that we have the time to discover new things.

Two years ago you’d never have seen me with a camera in my hand. Now one of my favourite things to do is make videos of our adventures. 

Not just for business, I’ve been able to capture special memories forever for ourselves and our loved ones.

My videos have improved dramatically since the first one. I’m excited to see how they will look in another year or two.

Now the hardest part of making videos (well I think so anyway) is sharing them.

So, here goes. This is us wild camping on Nick’s birthday.

Thank you for sharing our journey with us. I hope it inspires you to get a little more outdoor.

Why wild camping?


Nick never enjoys his birthday. Everyone is taking a holiday, too busy to celebrate your day, popular places are always fully booked, bank holiday traffic and the inevitable British summer rain. All leading to disappointment.

Not this year.

Forecast = Pure sunshine

Destination = People and traffic-free Dartmoor wilderness

Booking required = None

Activity = Wild camping 

Company = Family



And the wild camping adventure begins…

Here’s what we packed

If you have ever tried to pack for a camping trip, you know it’s not a simple task. 

Then add to that a family of 4, including a recently potty trained 2 year old, a mud and water seeking 4 year old.

Then fit everything you need in 2 small backpacks.

Bag 1

Bag 2

The children carried their own fluffy dinosaur sleepsuits. They were excited to be part of the team by sharing the load. I also liked the idea of 2 cute dinosaurs on the moors.

Location, location, location

Whenever you go wild camping check the local area guidelines as they all vary slightly. In Dartmoor, there is a highlighted map of areas that you can camp in.

Once you are in an area you are able to camp in you need to check that:

  • It’s flat
  • Your camping spot is discreet
  • It’s not boggy or lumpy
  • Protected from the wind

What’s cooking?

Keep it simple. In the past, we have carried a small stove for basic one-pot meals, but this time we kept it even simpler. 

We ate lunch at a lovely cafe before an afternoon of exploring. We ate a picnic dinner as we parked up in the evening. We carried some evening snacks for when we’d sent up camp. On the menu for breakfast was hot cross buns and fruit bars.

Yes, this doesn’t sound adventurous for foodies like ourselves, but it was so much easier. We had more time for exploring and nobody ended up angry.

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