Glamping with toddlers

Glamping With Toddlers

The pros and cons of taking toddlers glamping.

Glamping With Toddlers

Ever been glamping?

One of our 2020 highlights was our family glamping trip.

We only left the house for 36 hours, but we managed to cram in loads of exploring, adventure and precious family time. We disconnected from the world and focused on each other. 

We’d had a few glamping trips previous to this one. Each one has been unique, but equally wonderful. It was the first time we’d taken both of the children.

The first time we took Charlie glamping. He was 8 months old. We got stuck in a flood and had to abandon our car to walk to the campsite. We still had a great time. 

Glamping has become quite popular since we first went in 2011. You can stay in yurts, shepherds huts, wagons, horse boxes, yabins, cabins, Goji tree tents and so many more unusual places. 

This time we stayed in a yurt. The accommodation had everything we needed. Enough facilities and utensils to make it an easy break with two toddlers, but not so much that it took away from the things we love about camping. 

Watch us settle into our yurt, soak up the best Cornwall has offer and check out our footgolf skills.

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