The obvious reason to never pay for parking is to save money, but there’s many other benefits. 


In no way do I condemn playing ‘risk’ with a parking attendant. That can be a costly mistake. I’m talking about finding alternative legal places to park. Often these places can be found no more than 10 minutes from where you want to be.


Let’s start with the saving. The exact figure saved for each person would vary, but I did a quick calculation based on my needs, where I’d park, how often and for how long. Even when I massively underestimate this it works out at £1825 a year saving. What would you spend that extra money on?


Save £1825 a year

The Other Benefits of Free Parking

Alright, I know it’s not always as idyllic as the picture above, but you get the idea.

Never paying for parking could have a massive positive impact on your life.

I know it’s not always possible and you might not bother.

If you’ve read all of this I’m guessing you think this could benefit you. Give it a go. 

We are constantly looking for ways we can make life better. From small life changes through to the big stuff.