How Can I Make My Life Better?

Firstly, I’m sorry that life isn’t going to plan for you right now. Let’s make it better.


The focus of this article will be about the way you start each day. This will impact both positively and negatively on the rest of your day.



What do you do with your first hour of the day?

The first hour of each day can affect the outcome of your day. It is worth investing some thought into getting it right.

The things that make you feel good. The things that energise you.

Are they part of your morning routine?

Your list is personal to you, but I’ll share mine to give you an idea of the sorts of things I’m talking about.

Here are a few ideas you could include in your morning routine

  1. Morning cuddles
  2. Drink a pint of water
  3. Run or other exercise
  4. Yoga or meditation
  5. Healthy large breakfast
  6. Fresh air
  7. Plan the day
  8. Shower
  9. 2 minute teeth clean (I have a timer for my children)
  10. Listen to music

First thing in the morning I don’t necessarily feel like doing these things. On some days I skip it, but I pay for it with my day.

As soon as I start though I genuinely feel like I can take on the world. 

If only I could push through and start everyday this way. 

On other days I’m an anxious blubbering mess. 

It’s important to identify the things that set you up for a bad day. The list is personal to you. What morning habits do you have that set you up for a bad day?

Do you start your day with any of these things?

  1. Reaching for my phone as soon as I open my eyes.
  2. Scrolling through social media.
  3. Eating dairy ( I wouldn’t go there anymore the axiety is too bad).
  4. Eating cereal or other high sugar foods.
  5. Watching or reading the news.
  6. Too much caffeine.
  7. Rushing around doing chores.
  8. Sitting around or lying in bed too long.
  9. Overthinking the day.
  10. Talking negatively about myself.

The list above is filled with all of the things that set me off to a bad start. That ultimately lead to a bad day.

Repeating habits that drain your energy day after day will affect your life.

If you can highlight the things that set you off to a good start you are more likely to give time to those things.

Likewise if you can recognise the things that start you off badly you can try to avoid these things.

What if you don’t have control of a situation

There are certain things that are out of our control. 


Recognise the elements of your morning that you have no control over. We have to let these things go.


For example, my daughter wakes me every morning at around 5 am. I think I’d be a happier person if I could get up past 6 am, but there’s nothing I can do. I have to let it go. Otherwise these thoughts and feelings begin us on a negative start every day.


What things affect your morning that is out of your control? Can you move past it and focus on the things you can control?

What’s next?

Go ahead and list the things that help and hinder you in your happiness. 

Get yourself off on the right foot as often as you can. Or at the very least understand why you’re not on top form.

Give yourself the opportunity to make the most of every day. Give yourself a better life.

Explore alittlemoreoutdoor for more tips, ideas and inspiration for making your life better.

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