Simple ideas for toddlers in the garden

Here are some tried and tested activities that will entertain your little one at home or out and about on your daily exercise.

Sometimes the days with toddlers can roll into one. Especially during lockdown.


We have found that even doing one simple activity each day can give us some structure to the day.


If your toddlers are anything like ours the simple activities entertain them for hours. Although most of the time I end up taking their lead and incorporating their original ideas into our plan.

Our Toddlers Top 5 Activities this Week

  1. Egg Box Treasures – Save an egg box, colour each compartment in different bright colours, try and match up with colours you can find in your garden or on your daily exercise. You can use the treasures for crafts or memory games.

2. Nature Weave – Tie sticks together to make any shape your toddler chooses. We found a fun shaped branch and weaved our rope around it. Then simply weave in and out with natural things you find.

Be aware of things that your toddler is picking or finding on the ground. It’s a great way for them to learn what things they are allowed to touch and pick.

3. Shadow Drawing – If the sun is shining choose some of your children’s favourite toys, stand them up so they form a shadow on a piece of paper. Draw round the shadow. My toddlers wanted me to draw their shadow. 

We decorated their nature drawings with things we found in the garden.

I had to help mine with the drawing although they made a good effort.

We did this on a cloudy day. It made for extra fun as we made up a sun dance to get the sun back out again. Then when our dance worked we ran back to the paper to get drawings completed.


4. All things cloud – A very simple bit of fun, but is very popular with my two. Is making up stories about the shapes of the clouds. We make a cosy bed in the garden and watch the sky.


We have a favourite general knowledge book that we read after to find out more about the weather. I was surprised how much my 3 year old took in and how many clouds he can name.

5. Spiderman Swing – Use a washing line or a piece of rope, tie a character/toy to a separate piece of rope, see how it moves by pulling the rope up and down.

Once they’ve mastered this add another rope so you can move in any direction. You can have a bucket underneath that have to try and get the character into.

It’s a great way for siblings to learn to work together.

Our Toddlers Top 5 from last week

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