Unlikely crafter

If you are like me the current situation has resulted in endless craft activities. None of which could have been prepared for.

Supplies online are hard to get hold of. When you do find them they cost at least double what you’d normally pay.

I’m not a crafty mumma, but I do love to find new ways to get mucky. We love getting outside and finding things we can craft with.

Can’t beat free crafts.

Our most recent free craft was making mud paint. Super simple and we all enjoyed it.

How To Make Mud Paint


  • Mud
  • Pots
  • Washing Up liquid
  • Colouring (In method)
  • Paper
  • Paint brush


  1. Set up an area with paper that you don’t mind getting mucky. We did ours in the garden and attached the paper to our easel.

2. Get other equipment ready. Pots, brushes, homemade stamps (using vegetables or cardboard).

3. Put some mud in your pots.


4. Add some colour. We used some of the things we found lying around, dandelions, weeds, raspberries and blueberries.

5. Add a squirt of washing up liquid.


6. Add some water. You can decide on consistency. Apparently my 2 preferred watery paint.


7. Mix it up.


8. Begin your artistic creation.

We decorated our shed with all of the pictures. I was expecting this activity to be a 5-minute wonder with my 1 and a 3 year old, but it kept us entertained all morning.

Due to popular demand, we’ve actually done this quite a bit recently.

Check out the video to see the fun we had.

Look out for the rainbow 🌈