How to keep sane with 2 under 2

I’m absolutely not an expert. Unfortunately neither is my husband. We do however keep 2 children fed, loved, safe and developing. If you are doing the same you deserve recognition, so “well done”.

Sometimes I wonder myself how we’ve actually survived another day. If we have a thriving day I feel like I could take on the world.

When we’ve had a poo covered, tantrum challenging, baby puking kinda day here are the things that have helped us:

Mum with 2 under 2

1. Lower your expectations

If you set the bar low you are more likely to achieve. Especially in the early days you deserve winning moments.

2.Do what works for you

Everyone loves to give advice. If the advice sounds like something that can work for your family that’s great. If the advice goes against your parenting style, lifestyle or doesn’t sit right with you then ‘let it go’. You know what your babies need best so have the belief and confidence to do what works.

3.Don’t compare yourself to others

you are fab and doing a great job. I’m sure they are too. We are all different. We are all trying to do our best.

4.Treat yourself

Do small things for yourself. You are important too.

5.Be kind to yourself

at the end of each day remind yourself of what you’ve done well. Hint: if you’ve kept your little ones safe and loved sounds like you’ve done a great thing today.

6.Call in help

Ask if you need something. ‘It takes a village’. You really don’t have to do everything by yourself.

7. Getting outdoors

the outdoors entertains children. It gives you time away from other tasks to focus on your minis. For ideas on things to do outdoors see activities.

8. Find a quiet space

Amongst the chaos and noise it’s vital to give your mind some space. Some helpful apps for meditation

9. Be organised

I know easier said than done. A few things I managed to squeeze in were; using a diary, prep lunches/dinners for the next day, batch cooks, purging, getting little ones to help tidy toys, and delegating.

10.Baby wearing

My babies have never wanted to be put down. I found with number 2 they were also at more risk with number 1 on the loose. Baby wearing was and still is my saviour. Great for being out and about. Also great for doing the chores indoors. I’ve used wraps and baby carriers. These are my favourites .

Enjoy and make memories – time really does go so fast.

Family making memories

Wishing you all the best. You’ve got this. If you don’t feel like you have always revert back to number 4, you deserve it.

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