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A Little More Me Time

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Today I managed to squeeze in some much needed me time. We all need time to ourselves and yet few people prioritise it. It’s been a busy miserable few days as a result my energy was feeling low. I chose a beach swim. A perfect way to blend family time with my me time.

Swimming has always been a place where I can find my flow state. Where do you find your flow? Today I needed some time in flow. However I almost backed out at the first hurdle as I couldn’t remember where I’d left my wetsuit or if it’d even fit me. We frantically searched the house with our eager to leave children. The recent storms and the cool temperatures meant I wasn’t facing the sea without it (I’m not as brave as I used to be). Anyway after a few mishaps we finally made it. 

The Beach swim

We had a play and then it was my time. So off I went into the sea. As I left I gave clear instructions for toddler to stay with daddy. Yet determined, adventurous toddler preferred to dive in the water. Closely followed by daddy. Both were completely soaked through. I had a little smirk to myself knowing he was daddy’s problem now and off I swam without a care in the world. Well other than the sea being soooo cold my hands were going numb, but this made me swim faster.


My mind was free all I could think about was swimming to the other side and if there were jellyfish in the water waiting to sting me. I convinced myself there wasn’t. The water was fresh. I tuned into my body listening to my increased breath, the noise I made as I made contact with the water, and the cool water touching my skin. I reached my way mark and headed to shore. Watching my lovely, now dry, family smile at me made me feel warm. I ran back along the beach towards my towel, partly to warm up and partly because I felt childlike and free. I did however have to jump over many beached jellyfish, but I won’t let that stop me next time. Remember to take some time out for yourself and do that gets you on flow. We all deserve it.

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